Raised access flooring systems were first used to improve airflow in rooms that housed mainframes and switchboards, as these pieces of equipment could overheat. Now, raised access floor systems offer numerous benefits for nearly any work environment, including data rooms, control centers, standard offices, retail stores, universities, and airports.

If you’re curious about a raised floor for your workplace, consider these facts:

1. Raised Access Flooring Improves Office Safety

If your office space features any number of wires and cords lying on the floor, you can benefit from raised access flooring to keep the cables out of sight. Not only are cables unsightly to look at, but they are also automatically a safety risk to those who must walk near or over them.

Raised access flooring allows you to store cables and wires beneath your floor. If you ever need to move your equipment around or reconfigure your office layout, you can access your cables easily, readjust as needed, and store them back under the floor like before.

2. Raised Access Flooring Can Allow for Better Airflow

Some offices may run air distribution equipment under their raised floors for a more convenient and efficient cooling system. Data centers and server rooms risk overheating because of the technology they house, but raised access flooring offers a more efficient way to keep spaces and equipment cool.

3. Raised Access Flooring Supports Nearly Any Floor Design

Raised flooring offers flexibility for your office space. Each modular component is lightweight and easy to replace, add to, or relocate, depending on your office’s current needs. Are you interested in changing the layout of your equipment? Raised access flooring makes it easy to move equipment around without worrying about where any cables may have to go.

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