A commercial building renovation is an exciting opportunity to maximize and revamp your space. With the right contractor and congruent expectations, your company can thrive during the renovation process! Consider these four tips to implement during your building renovation:

1. Prioritize Making (& Communicating) Your Budget

Every commercial building renovation should have a budget to ensure peace of mind. A budget will guide your expert contractors while buying supplies and conducting the renovation. A budget can be as big or little as necessary! Your budget should be discussed openly with your contractor so that each party agrees with cost expectations and the work that must be completed.

2. Ask Your Contractor for Guidance

Our team renovates and constructs buildings daily, whereas our clients renovate their commercial buildings maybe once or twice in their lifetime. We will gladly provide recommendations or inform you of different options for your renovation. The Jerry L. Johnson & Associates professionals enjoy bringing your vision to life while simultaneously providing premier customer service.

3. Be Conscientious of the Building Renovation Schedule

To ensure satisfaction, you and your contractor should communicate expectations concerning the building renovation schedule. Clear communication will result in both parties having the same goals and expectations. Mother Nature sometimes throws schedules off course, so it’s vital to have flexibility. Talk to us today about your project and desired timeline: 770-961-7600.

A handful of projects we regularly complete include live access floor replacement, cleanroom builds, capacity upgrades, and much more.

4. Concentrate on Quality & Aesthetics

The design of your commercial building renovation can affect the efficiency, productivity, and overall atmosphere of the work done inside the building. Or, if you have a business that welcomes customers, the design and aesthetics can contribute to their impression of your company. Further, your contractor should never cut corners. High-quality materials and work will show in the finished product.

Partner with Jerry L. Johnson & Associates for your commercial building renovation! Call us today to get started: 770-961-7600

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