New warehouse construction creates space for your company’s goals and benchmarks to be reached! When you’re speaking to potential contractors for your warehouse construction project, remember to consider these four factors:

1. Warehouse Construction: Design

When your company considers the design of the warehouse, think about the most efficient use of space and what is most helpful to your employees. The design should allow for extensive productivity and efficiency. Speak to professional architects who create designs every day, but also request feedback from the people in the warehouse every single day – your team! They can provide clear information about their needs due to their extensive experience in your current warehouse.

2. Warehouse Construction: Size

Your warehouse size must reflect the needs of your company’s operation. These operations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Handling equipment
  • Shipping & receiving operations
  • Stored products
  • Warehouse employee tasks

Further, consider your company’s long-term goals. The size and design should reflect your company’s current needs and future goals. This will help minimize the need to remodel your warehouse in the future.

3. Warehouse Construction: Floors

Warehouse floors must withstand the pressure from extensive weight due to stored products and heavy machinery. Beyond the extensive weight, floors must be level and flat to ensure products do not tip over, equipment is protected, and employees do not trip. To further safeguard your team, the floors must be preserved with a non-slip surface treatment.

4. Warehouse Construction: Natural Elements

Regardless of Mother Nature’s unpredictability, your confidence in your warehouse construction can be unshakeable. When you choose the right contractor, you can be confident that he will install the proper materials the right way. To be transparent, we put together 4 red flags you should be aware of when searching for the right contractor.

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