Whether you are searching for a general contracting company to renovate your existing building or need to start from scratch, the team at Jerry L. Johnson & Associates is ready to help. Our work is second-to-none and, just as important, we provide excellent customer service from start to finish. Allow us to highlight the obstacles and advantages of municipal construction and renovation projects:

Obstacles Linked to Municipal Construction & Renovation Projects

The two obstacles that demand innovative thinking and forward thinking includes limited budgets and pockets of bad weather. However, both obstacles allow us to use our expertise to deliver the best possible product and experience for our client!

Because some of our clients are non-profit organizations or government organizations, we understand there are strict, limited budgets that we must adhere to. We will never compromise quality due to budget. We communicate transparently with our client to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding spend and the final goal of the project.

Pockets of bad weather are unavoidable and, unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. However, our team considers the forecast and plans around bad weather to ensure our schedule remains intact. Whether it’s at your site or working at the office, we seek to optimize our days during our municipal construction or renovation projects, regardless of the weather.

Advantages Relating to Municipal Construction & Renovation Projects

Far outweighing the obstacles, it is our pride and joy to pioneer municipal construction and renovation projects, as it creates space that act as the foundation for those who need help or want to enjoy life. Some of the projects that we’ve had the privilege of doing include:

  • Fire Stations
  • Housing
  • Memorials
  • Parks
  • Police Stations
  • State Park cabins
  • War memorials

A big thank you to every client who has trusted us with their municipal construction or renovation project! Your trust is valued beyond words.

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