Access Floor Replacement With No Downtime: Live Lift®


Live Lift® live access floor replacement: Thousands of cabinets lifted, thousands of square feet replaced. Yes, it can be done!

Access Floor: Your Data Center’s Foundation

The raised access floor system is one of the critical components of your data center, expected to handle everyday needs, including:

  • Activity of workers,
  • Ingress and egress of new equipment every day,
  • Rolling loads,
  • Growing pinpoint loads in each cabinet.

Do you know the make and model of your raised access flooring?

Do you know the specifications of your rolling and pinpoint loads?

Does your room have a mixture of raised access flooring systems that don’t quite match?

Allow our Live Lift® team to visit your site and supply you with a report on your current floor and its condition.

Does Your Access Floor Need Replacement?

  • Has an employee or vendor fallen through your access floor?
  • Has equipment fallen because of a failed tile or frame member?
  • Are there concerns about your access floor’s stability?

Our experience has shown that the floor is often the most neglected component in this critical environment. As vendors, electricians, pipefitters, and other technicians work in your data center, they will inadvertently adjust your pedestal heads, and before you know it, you have tiles that rock, lip, and some that even start to bend.

Failure to resolve known issues with your access floor will result in failures, accidents, and damage that will ultimately cost more than replacing your access floor with a new, up-to-date system.

Your data center and your team members are mission-critical for your business – don’t allow your raised access floor to become a danger to both. We can perform a risk assessment of your flooring to determine if it’s at or nearing its end of life.

Maximize the Life of Your Data Center with a Live Lift® Floor Replacement

For many years, replacing a raised floor required a complete shutdown of the equipment in the room or the gradual migration of the equipment over months or even years to create open space.

With modern advancements and years of experience, JLJ can keep you online and running with Live Lift® floor replacement. Every second that passes with an offline data center means lost revenue. With Live Lift®, instead of shutting down your data center, your business and its operations can stay active while we complete the renovation.

When JLJ performs a Live Lift® floor replacement:

See it in action




What Our Customers Say:

“We contracted with JLJ to replace our data center floor and were completely satisfied with their performance. They did an excellent job, were always punctual and professional, and were very knowledgeable about the lifting of live equipment.

They also went that extra mile, such as cleaning after the move and making sure there was always enough working space for everybody involved. JLJ was highly detailed and organized from start to finish of the project.

“They were very competitively priced, and did exactly what we asked of them.”

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