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With Jerry L. Johnson & Associates, you receive unmatched general contracting along with access to some of the best products in the industry. JLJ carries numerous products from industry-leading vendors, including UPS (uninterruptable power supply) and UPS batteries, Rack PDU’s, and more.


The Caterpillar (CAT) name is synonymous with heavy machinery. The largest manufacturer of construction vehicles, CAT has served the construction industry for over 90 years. As with their other products, CAT generators are high quality, durable, and versatile. CAT generators are also renowned for their quiet operation


Cummins was founded nearly 100 years ago and began by producing diesel engines. Today, in addition to its engines, Cummins manufactures industry-leading power systems and generators. Cummins offers reliable generators for numerous uses, including hospitals, homes, and industrial facilities. They are particularly renowned for their data center generators.


Founded over 180 years ago to serve the steel and iron industries, Schneider altered its focus to the electrical industry in 1981. Today, Schneider offers a multitude of commercial electric products and services, including data centers. Schneider products include robust data center software to help users monitor, analyze, and optimize the energy usage of their data centers. Schneider also produces cooling and power modules for data centers.


APC is a product brand owned by Schneider Electric specializing in uninterruptible power supply products for home, office, industrial, and data center environments. In addition to APC’s power supply products, they also offer cooling, security monitoring, data center software, and more.


Founded over 60 years ago, Liebert specializes in data center power and cooling systems. Liebert, owned by Vertiv, offers numerous, high-quality solutions for these two aspects of data centers. Liebert is known for dependability and efficiency, which is an absolute necessity with any UPS or cooling system.

  • Liebert RX: A compact, remote power distribution cabinet offering monitoring options and multiple configuration possibilities.
  • Liebert Air Handlers: A complete, single-package cooling system for your data center that offers incredible efficiency without taking up space.
  • Liebert In Row Cooling: Ideal self-contained cooling for server rack cabinets housed in small to medium-sized data centers.


OptiCool specializes in providing high quality, industry-leading cooling solutions for data centers. Their products are capable of supporting many applications of various densities to specifically match the needs of virtually any data center. OptiCool’s solutions can be applied to both raised floor and non-raised floor facilities. The OptiCool system is low-pressure, refrigerant based, and can be adapted to all types of equipment racks.


Founded in 2007, Coolcentric is committed to providing power and cooling solutions for data center white space. Coolcentric products help eliminate high energy costs, lack of space, and other issues with cooling and power. Their solutions enable data center operators to reduce power consumption and increase usable white space.

PermAlert ESP

PermAlert, a market segment of Perma-Pipe, manufactures liquid leak detection systems that are capable of detecting water, chemicals, oils, and other liquids. Systems provided by PermAlert identify leakage on multiple levels and send the locations to user devices.


For nearly 40 years, Simplex Isolated Systems has offered unmatched solutions for controlled environments, like data centers. From softwall curtains and strip doors to hot and cold-aisle isolation, Simplex products provide peak efficiency, long lifespan, and cost savings. With Simplex, data center owners can reduce the operating costs and increase the capacity of their data centers.


Founded in 2001, Upsite Technologies offers solutions airflow management and modular containment. Upsite’s modular containment products are designed to meet the specific needs of data centers. They actively block airflow and ensure separation for hot and cold aisles.


Tate is a global leader in the development and production of infrastructure solutions for commercial building and data center interiors. Tate’s raised access flooring products are designed to meet every data center’s unique needs, including the building’s aesthetic. Their floor systems come in a variety of finishes while offering exceptional underfloor accessibility.


Owned by Kingspan Group plc, ASM Modular Systems manufactures high-quality raised access flooring products. ASM offers numerous options to fit all levels of data center needs. ASM is well-respected in the industry for their in-depth floor testing process, designed to guarantee their products.


NetFloor is committed to providing high-quality, low-profile raised access flooring options. NetFloor manufactures flooring options for all types of industries including data centers, office spaces, and more. They are known for providing a high-level of customer service.