With its reliance on heavy equipment, the use of powerful tools, and the nature of working on uncompleted or under-renovation structures, construction work is inherently dangerous.

Keeping our employees safe is our top priority at Jerry L. Johnson and Associates, and we take extensive steps to make sure that our workers follow strict safety guidelines as set forth by OSHA and other safety standards organizations. This not only keeps our employees safe, it protects you and your team while we’re working at your facility and keeps our costs and liabilities low, allowing us to pass that savings on to you.

Here are some ways Jerry L. Johnson and Associates demonstrate our commitment to safety.

We Educate Our Workers

In construction, knowledge is the first step to safety. Before they pick up a tool, our workers are educated on the various hazards and risks present on the job site. They’re also well trained on identifying how the hazard conditions of a worksite change over time as the status of the project progresses.

When a new risk arises on a particular site, our managers and supervisors take the time to review that new risk, identify mitigation strategies, and train employees on safely negotiating the hazard.

We Understand the Project

Construction projects, particularly on commercial and industrial sites, can be a complex operation involving workers from multiple contracting or construction firms working side-by-side. When our team arrives at a worksite, we make it a point to know exactly what other work is happening on site that day and how that other work could cause safety hazards for our employees.

If there are unique safety risks posed by the site, such as the presence of hazardous chemicals or unpredictable weather conditions, or if there are unique regulatory requirements, our team is briefed on those before work begins.

We Use PPE, But We Don’t Rely on It

Personal protective equipment (PPE) like hard hats, safety vests, respirators, and safety glasses are common sights in construction, but far too many contractors rely on PPE as their employees’ first and only line of defense against workplace hazards. At JLJ and Associates, we understand that the best hazard mitigation strategy is to remove the hazard itself and that PPE should only be considered a last-resort defense against unexpected occurrences.

We Foster a Culture of Safety

Safety isn’t a practice, it’s a complete way of working. From upper management down, safety is a driving concern for every decision we make. Our managers and leaders demonstrate safety best practices when they’re on site, and we expect that our employees will follow those practices to the letter and without deviation – no exceptions. When a worker joins our team, they become part of our family, and their well-being is core to our success.

At Jerry L. Johnson & Associates, We Don’t Just Think Safety, We Live It.

Our team is dedicated to keeping our employees and your facilities safe and accident-free. Call us today at 770-961-7600.

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