Data centers and telecommunication facilities process vital information every second of the day. Downtime is not an option, and efficiency must be prioritized! Efficiency can be optimized via a data center remodel. Consider three reasons why you should remodel your data center: 

1. Protect Your Data Center Equipment 

Because data center equipment is constantly processing information, it releases an influx of heat. Your data center must have an air flow management plan in place to effectively cool the equipment without damaging it. Too much heat can drastically decrease the life expectancy of your equipment, costing more money in the future. Consider three ways to properly manage your data center’s airflow:

  • Implement the hot aisle/cold aisle method
  • Keep cables & wiring organized
  • Consider liquid cooling 

2. Improve Energy Efficiency

Remodeling your data center provides an opportunity to audit your space and scrutinize your layout. The layout of your data center can drastically affect your energy efficiency, so considering new ways to arrange your equipment and the entire layout of your room can put money back in your pocket and prolong the life of your equipment. With efficiency at the forefront of your mind, consider ways to improve efficiency through cleaning, for example:

  • Eliminate dust
  • Do not cross cables
  • Manage your HVAC system
  • Clean sensibly 

3. Designate Space for Growth 

As your company grows, your data center will need to grow with it. Remodeling your data center will allow more room for aisles, servers, racks, and the like. Additional space and an improved layout can be the catalyst your company needs to take on more clients and pursue more revenue. 

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