When you’re choosing a contractor to perform expansions, updates, repairs, or renovations for your commercial, retail, or industrial space, you need to consider a lot of factors, such as cost, scheduling, performance on past projects, and a thousand other things. One that you may have yet to consider is one of the most important: how will your contractors keep your team safe from the hazards inherent to construction work?

If you remain in occupancy during your construction or renovation project, you want to know that your contractor will take every possible precaution to prevent harm from coming to not only their team members but yours as well. After all, even though they may not be the ones swinging the hammers, your employees will be in the vicinity of the same hazards as your contractor’s employees.

When you choose Jerry L. Johnson and Associates, you can rest assured that we will take every measure to keep your team safe, including:

We’ll Protect Safety in the Workplace With a Detailed Briefing of Your Project

Well before your project starts, we’ll review our plans with you. We’ll discuss the impacts that our project will have on your entire facility and any potential health or safety hazards that can be expected during the work. If there are phases of the project that will require you to vacate the premises, we’ll make sure those are scheduled in a way to minimize their impact on your operations.

We’ll also discuss our logistical situation – when major supply deliveries can be expected, where staging areas will need to be located, and how we’ll secure supplies and tools during off-hours. If our plans will interfere with your operations or expose your employees to undue hazards, we’ll do what we can to adjust and keep your team out of harm’s way.

We’ll Protect Safety in the Workplace With Hazard Mitigation Practices

One of our primary beliefs about safety in the workplace is that hazards should be removed entirely whenever possible. So many in the construction industry put their reliance on personal protective equipment, not understanding that PPE is supposed to be the last line of defense, not the one and only.

Thanks to careful planning, daily safety updates to our team, and ensuring that our project managers and supervisors are maintaining complete visibility of every aspect of the project, we are able to proceed cautiously, stopping when needed to reassess the safety situation. If a hazard is identified in the planning stage, we take every precaution we can to remove or mitigate that hazard. If an unexpected hazard emerges during the project, we will reassess our plans and determine how best to proceed safely.

We’ll Protect Safety in the Workplace With Regular, Open Communication

Just like any other kind of plan, construction project plans seldom survive first contact with the enemy. In this case, “the enemy” is a combination of weather, supply chain issues, subcontractor delays, and any one of dozens of other reasons that can cause dates to slip and a well-made plan to go sideways.

Our first line of defense against this is our exceptional relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors. We know that these members of our extended team are reliable and that we can count on them to keep us supplied with the materials, tools, and talent we need to stay on schedule.

Our second line is open, frequent communication with you as your project progresses. If we encounter a challenge that will require a phase of your project to slip, you’ll know as soon as we do so you can adjust your scheduling to keep your team safe.

If our work exposes or causes an unexpected hazard, you’ll be notified immediately so you can get your team safely out of harm’s way or take steps to mitigate the threat.

We’ll Protect Safety in the Workplace With Signage, Fencings, Barricades, and More

The best way to avoid a safety hazard is to be somewhere else. Our worksite(s) at your facility will be clearly marked and blocked off with fencing or other barricades, and access will be tightly controlled. If any of your team members need to enter the worksite, they’ll be given a safety briefing and provided with the personal protective equipment they’ll need to navigate the site safely.

Danger, demolition work in progress sign in a real construction

We’ll Protect Your Team in the Workplace With an Overall Culture of Safety

Safety isn’t a task, something that can be addressed at a particular time of day and checked off of a list. At JLJ, we understand that safety is something that has to be front of mind from the moment our team steps onto the job site until the project is completed. We have worked hard to cultivate and encourage a complete culture of safety for our team, and we remain proud of our safety record.

From our executive leadership down, safety is a primary concern in everything we do. Our team knows that vigilance in the workplace, understanding the importance of hazard mitigation, and cautious, thoughtful progress through a project are the only ways to ensure that every member of our team and yours can carry out their work safely.

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