If you’re considering having your live access floors replaced or renovated, you probably understand the need for a specialist. At Jerry L. Johnson and Associates, we offer leading general contracting services throughout the Southeast. Our unique approach to live access floor replacement has benefitted numerous major IT companies.

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Comprehensive Approach

There are several factors to consider when maintaining live access floors, such as:

  • What type of equipment is your flooring supporting?
  • What surrounding electrical equipment is there?
  • What type of foot traffic does your flooring get?

The Jerry L. Johnson team will ask all these questions and more to ensure a flawless renovation. We take a comprehensive approach to live access floor renovation to ensure you receive a result of the highest quality.

Unmatched Experience

JLJ has provided high-quality general contracting services for over 35 years, with raised and live access floor replacement being one of the company’s primary specialties. Every team member has been highly trained and have an in-depth understanding of all the complex issues that go into raised access floors.

Little to No Downtime

Perhaps the biggest challenge with any floor replacement project is avoiding downtime. Live access floors are often used in data centers and other mission-critical environments where downtime can be extremely costly. However, JLJ has developed a unique method of replacing these types of floors that doesn’t require downtime.

The lifetime of a raised access floor can vary greatly based on several factors, including number of devices, weight of devices, and amount of foot traffic. However, when a floor begins to approach 20 years old, it’s time to consider replacing it. If your floors need replacing, choose the experts at JLJ.