Maintaining proper airflow in your data center is among the most crucial ways to keep it running efficiently and to ensure a long lifespan of your cabinets. Additionally, despite its importance, cooling systems can be very expensive. However, there are multiple ways you and your team can improve the airflow of your data center to keep it at peak efficiency.

Implement the Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Method

While this method has become commonplace, there are still many data centers not taking advantage of it. One aisle should have two rows of cabinets facing each other, making a hot aisle. The backs of those rows should face the backs of other rows, creating cold aisles. This allows supply air to be cold and the hot air to rise.

Keep Cables and Wiring Organized

Not only are tangled cables a problem when you need to update your hardware or any other renovation, but they can also impact your data center by blocking airflow. A build up of cables can impact the flow of cool air under the cabinets, causing a higher build up of heat inside of them. Using overhead cable trays can help avoid a variety of heating and airflow issues and allow more efficient cooling.

Consider Liquid Cooling

With the growth of power density throughout data centers, the use of liquid cooling methods is on the rise. Despite the fear of water spillage, it has a much higher capacity to remove heat than air does. This method has progressed significantly to the point that leakage is no longer much of an issue, and its ability to sufficiently cool IT equipment has been a major benefit.

With these three methods, you can maintain airflow and properly cool your data center’s equipment. In doing so, you can also significantly improve the overall energy efficiency of your data center.

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