Commercial renovations are expensive and exciting endeavors that require a great deal of planning and teamwork. When you and your team decide to move forward with a commercial renovation, you’ll likely focus on the primary goal, project costs, materials to be used, project design, and the timeline. However, there are other important things for you to consider that could elevate your renovation.

Improve Building Accessibility

If your building is older, a renovation or expansion is a great opportunity to review your building’s accessibility. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) puts forth minimum requirements that commercial buildings and facilities must meet. However, you can stay ahead of the game by taking further steps to improve the accessibility of your building.

Plan for Future Expansion

Another crucial aspect to consider when renovating your building is future expansion. If there’s any chance of business growth requiring future expansion, that expansion should be planned for ahead of time to avoid extremely costly adjustments and potential reconstruction in the future. The foundation, structure, and utilities must all be taken into consideration during renovations and building updates.

Consider Going Green

Going green doesn’t just mean a benefit for the environment – it’s a concept that can help you save money! You can improve your energy efficiency with the proper windows, lighting, and more. This approach is becoming more and more commonplace. In fact, taking a green approach could potentially qualify you for various tax breaks, grants, and more.

Your commercial renovation or building addition is the perfect opportunity to access other aspects of your facility and improve them. These changes will make your building more inclusive, better prepared for future renovations, and more affordable to operate – all fantastic news for you and your team.