At Jerry L. Johnson & Associates, one of our unique specialties is constructing cleanrooms for manufacturers and other related facilities. For companies that utilize cleanrooms, their cleanrooms are critical to their success. Because of this, it’s equally critical that you choose the right contractor for the construction or renovation of your cleanroom. When searching for a cleanroom contractor, pay extra attention to these 3 traits:

Relevant Experience

While experience is always a good trait to look for in a contractor, when it comes to cleanrooms, it’s crucial to choose a contractor that has experience with clean environments and the strict standards they must meet. It takes an experienced contractor to construct a cleanroom that is completely free of dust and other contaminants.

Ability to Customize

Cleanrooms, perhaps more than any other type of room in construction, require scalability and customizability to fit a company’s needs. Because of the unique requirements for materials, shape, placement, and a variety of other factors, you need a cleanroom contractor who can adjust as necessary. A keen understanding of design standards will allow your contractor to build your cleanroom the right way.

Exceptional Communication

While communication is key for any contractor on any project, there is no margin for communication error when it comes to cleanrooms. There are a variety of parties involved in the successful construction of a cleanroom, including the contractor, engineer, designer, and more. Other specialists may also be involved and will need consistent updates to ensure everyone is on the same page.