Whether you’re managing a major data center or a high school computer room, a raised access floor system could significantly benefit for your organization. Raised floors are elevated structures made of panels that sit on pedestals above a concrete slab. The gap between the concrete and floor panels is used to house cables, electrical wires, and cooling systems safely and discreetly. Here are 3 advantages of raised access floors:

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Maximize Your Space

Data cabinets, computers, and utility systems can take up a significant amount of space, often leading to clutter and little walkable space. With a raised floor system, cables and utility systems can be maintained comfortably without impacting floor space in the room. This creates a more accessible, walkable, and aesthetically pleasing area.

Better Temperature Control

Temperature control and maintaining proper airflow in a data center or computer lab is crucial – these devices create a lot of heat which can impact their performance and make for a very uncomfortable environment. Because hot air rises, it makes more sense to cool equipment from below rather than above. Overhead cooling systems have to use more energy to keep equipment from overheating.

More Layout Flexibility

One of the beautiful things about raised floors is the concept of panels – they can easily be changed, upgraded, or fixed. While a regular floor might have to be totally replaced if a room needs to be repurposed, a raised floor can be reconfigured more easily. This is especially important when it comes to cooling, which the panel system makes easier to adapt than a traditional slab floor.

Raised floor systems have been used in data centers and similar industries for decades. They provide users with some incredible benefits and could be just right for your organization. At Jerry L. Johnson & Associates, we’ve specialized in raised access floor installation and maintenance for decades, and we’re ready to help you.