Although Jerry L. Johnson and Associates was officially founded over 30 years ago on April 21, 1983, our company can trace its roots back much further through our founder, Jerry L. Johnson. Mr. Johnson began his career in the industry in 1946 as a carpenter for Barge Thompson. His first job in this position was a project for Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company.

In 1950, he moved into the position of General Foreman and began traveling for the company. His good work led to a promotion to Superintendent in 1955. After 7 years in this role, Mr. Johnson was brought into the office with a promotion to project manager in 1962. He was promoted to Vice President of the Commercial Building Division in 1968 before achieving his final role with the company in 1981 when he was promoted to Senior Vice President.

Altogether, Jerry L. Johnson spent 37 years with Barge Thompson before starting his own company in 1983. In his own words, Mr. Johnson “provided experience in successfully coordinating rehab work in areas of buildings where expensive and highly technical equipment and daily operations must be worked around.” This quote very accurately describes what his company still does to this day – Jerry L. Johnson & Associates specializes in renovations and remodels of data centers and other areas of buildings and businesses where shutting down or stopping work isn’t an option.

After Jerry L. Johnson

In 1991, Charles Cobb and Hugh Palmer, the fathers of current JLJ CFO Wes Cobb and President Will Palmer, were given control of the company by Mr. Johnson. This lineage and incredible pedigree has served as an inspiration to employees and company leadership throughout the years. Our company strives daily to carry on the legacy of dedicated service and hard, necessary work that started with our namesake, Jerry L. Johnson.

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