ups replacementThere are countless general contracting companies available that can perform basic construction and renovation projects. However, at Jerry L. Johnson & Associates (JLJ), we specialize in some of the most difficult types of projects, which require a great deal of experience and skill to complete. These specialties are generator and UPS replacement, raised access floor replacement, and cleanroom construction.

Generator and UPS Replacement

No generator or uninterruptable power system (UPS) lasts forever. They all must be replaced or upgraded at some point. For most companies, shutting down operations would be debilitating or could lead to significant financial losses. At JLJ, we specialize in replacing and renovating these systems without turning out the lights or shutting off communications. In addition to generators and UPS replacement, we have years of experience replacing diesel tanks, wells, and other fuel systems.

Raised Access Floor Replacement

Much like power systems, shutting down a business to replace the live or raised access floors that house data centers and telecommunications equipment could have severe consequences. By carefully and skillfully lifting your equipment, JLJ can replace your raised access floors without needing to shut down your power or communications. There are very few contractors with this capability, and none with the decades of experience JLJ possesses.

Cleanroom Construction

Many of the industrial projects JLJ completes involve a unique aspect: cleanrooms. Cleanrooms are used in multiple branches of manufacturing, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, medical products, and others. Properly constructing or renovating a cleanroom is unlike any other project and requires an extreme level of care and expertise to perform. These projects involve very strict restrictions of air content, including dust, humidity, gases, microorganisms, and numerous other potential contaminants. JLJ has years of experience constructing cleanrooms and adheres to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

From new building construction to capacity upgrades, JLJ offers a wide variety of general contracting services. However, we specialize in some of the most difficult and challenging projects imaginable.

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