Jerry L. Johnson & AssociatesJerry L. Johnson & Associates is a general contracting company founded on April 21, 1983 by Jerry L. Johnson. Through the years, our company has grown substantially and become a name that owners and subcontractors know they can trust and rely on. Here are three primary qualities that set JLJ apart from other contracting companies:

Long Tenured Project Managers, Low Turnover

Our team of executives, President Will Palmer, CFO Wes Cobb, and Vice President Brian Deleshaw, have all been with the company for over 25 years. Jerry L. Johnson & Associates has multiple project managers with 20 or more years of experience with the company. Our employees don’t see working at JLJ as just a job, they see it as a career and a family. We believe that our longevity and employee dedication creates a more efficient, cohesive unit and enables us to provide a better finished product.

Unmatched Critical Infrastructure Experience

Jerry L. Johnson & Associates specializes in providing general contracting services for critical infrastructure environments and data centers. With our services, clients don’t have to shut down their power or servers while we renovate or remodel – we minimize downtime. This is a unique offering that very few other companies provide, and no one has the over 30 years of experience with critical infrastructures like JLJ.

High Standards

Jerry L. Johnson & Associates is a family owned and operated company – our team is full of multigenerational families. Our President, Will Palmer, and CFO, Wes Cobb, each followed in their fathers’ footsteps when they took over the reins of the company. These “legacies” within the company have led to the development of very high standards. Our employees honor the history and heritage of the company by striving to continue as leading general contractors.

The Jerry L. Johnson & Associates team is dedicated to providing customers with the best service available. Some of our customers and subcontractors have been with us since the year we opened. If you’re in need of quality general contracting services, especially for critical infrastructures, there is no better option!

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