LiveLift Floor Replacement

Live access floor replacement, or LiveLift floor replacement, is a key aspect of JLJ General Contractors services. The LiveLift floor system is part of the critical components of a Data Center. It is often the supply line for A/C, Power, and Communications. Not only is it expected to provide these conduits but also to handle the weight load limits of stationary cabinets, and the rolling loads of equipment coming and going in the center.

However, our experience has shown that it is often the most neglected component in this critical environment. How often are vendors, electricians, pipe fitters, and others under your floor unbolting the system and changing the elevation of the pedestal heads? Before you know it, you will have tiles that rock, lip, and some that even start to bend. Is your floor at a failure point either for the safety of your equipment or for the safety of your staff? The safety of your staff and your valuable equipment is paramount for your business, and a live access floor replacement is a key way to ensure this.


How We Minimize Downtime with LiveLift Floor Replacements

For many years, having a floor replaced required a complete shutdown of the electrical equipment in the room or the migration of the equipment over months or even years to open space so the floor could be replaced. With modern advancements and years of experience, JLJ can keep you online and running with live LiveLift floor replacement. The benefits of live floor replacement cannot be overstated. Every passing second without power can mean lost money. Instead of shutting down your data center, your business and its operations can stay active while we complete the renovation.

When JLJ performs a LiveLift floor replacement, we carefully lift your equipment, allowing us to replace your floor without disrupting any of the operations in the room. Your new floor will provide your company with 20 to 30 years of new life before another replacement is needed. This all can be done in far less time than imagined. With over 20 years of experience lifting equipment live, we have the skillset and experience necessary to remodel your facility while keeping you in business.