A tenant buildout refers to structural or architectural changes needed to transform a commercial space into what your company needs. It can range from remodeling a floor to creating individual offices and everything in between. A tenant buildout is an important aspect of your future success, as it can contribute to employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and more. Allow us to highlight several elements we promise to deliver if you choose JLJ & Associates for your tenant buildout needs:

1. Impressive Craftmanship

In a world where speed trumps quality, we strive to go against the grain. Yes, staying within our promised timeline is important, but we will never sacrifice high-quality work. The JLJ & Associates team is known for our craftmanship and attention to detail. When you walk into your finished tenant buildout, we know you will feel and see the JLJ & Associates’ difference.

2. Punchlist Complete

The main portions of the tenant buildout are easily recognized and must be finished with care. However, the last 10% of any job that focuses on the tiny details must be prioritized, as well. JLJ & Associates will complete the entire project – from start to finish – with the same level of expectation and expertise.

3. Budget Adherence

If you’re leasing from a landlord, he may (or may not) contribute to the tenant buildout. Whether you have financial help or are paying for this from the company checkbook, we make it a priority to stay within budget. It is important that we show you that we respect your business by staying within the budget guidelines.

4. Timeline Followed

Your tenant buildout must be done in a timely manner to ensure your team can start producing great quality work. Our team prioritizes high-quality, efficient work. We communicate any timeline extensions if a change order is requested, and our team keeps the client in the loop. JLJ & Associates keeps our client’s timeline – and the timeline we agreed to – at the forefront of our minds.

Whether you need a tenant buildout, live access floor replacement, or another service we offer, JLJ & Associates is here for you. Call us: 770-961-7600