In part one of this series about raised access flooring, we answered the following frequently asked questions:

  • Why are raised access flooring replacements necessary?
  • When should I replace my raised access flooring?
  • Will I have to shut down my operations during raised access floor replacement?

Allow us to expand on this important topic by discussing the signs of compromised raised access flooring, when a repair or replacement is necessary, and the benefits of using this method to replace raised access flooring.

What are signs of compromised raised access flooring?

Raised access flooring is designed to last 20 – 30 years under ideal conditions. Every time weight is added to the flooring or vendors have to lift the flooring to gain access, it affects the longevity and sturdiness of the raised access flooring. If you notice any of the following signs, your raised access flooring may be compromised:

  • Tiles that are warping, sagging, or buckling.
  • Noticeable gaps between tiles.
  • Laminate that is bowing or cracking.
  • Audible clicking sounds when walking or rolling equipment on the panels.

Should I repair or replace raised access flooring?

An experienced inspector can tell you if your raised access flooring needs to be repaired or replaced. If a small section is showing concerning signs, repairing the area may suffice. However, depending on the severity of the signs and how long your raised access flooring has been in use, it may be more cost-efficient and safer to replace the flooring altogether.

What are the benefits of using this method to replace raised access flooring?

Turning off and moving all of your equipment to replace raised access flooring will cost your company considerable downtime and money. Fortunately, our method does not require either of those actions! Consider these important benefits when you choose Jerry L. Johnson & Associates to replace your raised access flooring:

  • No downtime necessary.
  • Project duration is shorter, as equipment does not need to be moved to a different room.
  • Safety risk to personnel and equipment is eliminated due to our developed techniques.

Partner with Jerry L. Johnson & Associates for Your Raised Access Flooring Replacement Needs

Installing or replacing raised access flooring is no small feat. Our experienced team will skillfully complete your project without causing your company downtime. We will gladly answer your questions, discuss a solution to your problem, and complete the job beyond your expectation. Call us with your questions: 770-961-7600