Shutting down your facility to replace your floor costs unnecessary time and money. But, the safety of your employees and equipment must be prioritized! Fortunately, Jerry L. Johnson & Associates has years of experience replacing raised access flooring without the need to shut down your operations. Allow us to answer several frequently asked questions about raised access flooring and the replacement process.

Why are raised access flooring replacements necessary?

Raised access flooring has a lifespan of roughly 25 years; it is never intended to be a permanent fixture in the room. In those 25 years, maintenance and check-ups are often done on the equipment underneath the flooring. When vendors remove or adjust the components of raised access flooring to check on the equipment underneath, the sturdiness of the raised access flooring is compromised.

Additionally, years of heavy cabinets sitting on the panels and employees walking on the raised access flooring causes wear and tear on the floor.

When should I replace my raised access flooring?

Typically, you can gauge when replacement is necessary by two factors – the current lifetime of your raised access flooring and observing its current status.

By monitoring your floor’s current lifetime, you’re simply taking into account how many years its been in use. As long as the floor’s current status is uncompromised, you can reach out to an experienced raised access flooring technician around year 20 to discuss replacement. (But, throughout those two decades, you should have an experienced technician conduct regular checkups to make sure the floor is functioning as it should!)

When you observe your floor’s current status, you should account for how it looks and acts. Do the floor panels have permanent bends or lips in them? When your employee walks over them, do the panels rock? These are signs that replacement should be prioritized. You don’t want to push flooring to its limit, as it could cause injury to employees or equipment.

Will I have to shut down my operations during raised access floor replacement?

Shutting down your operations won’t be necessary when you partner with Jerry L. Johnson & Associates. We have decades of experience and unbeatable knowledge concerning how to replace raised access flooring while the equipment is live.

With premier machinery, we will lift your equipment so our team can get to work replacing your floors. Your equipment will remain live, so your operations can run as normal.

Partner with Jerry L. Johnson & Associates for Your Raised Access Flooring Replacement Needs

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