JLJ General Contracting is pleased to be a sponsor at this year’s 7×24 International Conference in Orlando, June 11-14. The 7×24 Exchange gives us access to the up to date concerns of our customers and solutions being offered in the industry. This information allows us to gauge our understanding of our customers’ needs and address our approach to these needs through garnered wisdoms from the Exchange. We have had success at the local chapter events and are confident in the gains we will have from the International event.

We are looking forward to this particular topic: Avoid Data Center Capital Project Failures and Manage Risks.  It will be about the following:

  • A new data center involves a multitude of internal stakeholders, vendors, subcontractors, and over 50 different construction disciplines are involved in the construction project. The complexity created by this inherently human effort creates a systemic risk that must be managed. After reaching over 1000 certifications, Uptime Institute examines failure points and success factors in capital projects during the design, construction, and transition to operations of the project lifecycle.

Learn more about the conference here.