interior renovation mythsHere at Jerry L. Johnson & Associates, we’re experts when it comes to commercial interior renovations. If you’re a business owner or high-ranking executive who needs significant renovations for your facility, it’s important to understand that there are many myths about commercial renovations. Myths can be difficult to separate from facts, so we’d like to dispel some of these misconceptions.

Myth #1: The Low Bid is the Best Bid

Going for the cheapest bid can be a very attractive proposition for businesses looking to save money. You should always scrutinize low bids and review them very carefully before proceeding. Low bidders often overlook aspects of the project that could end up pushing the project over budget. A lower bid could mean lower quality materials, less meticulous work, and more.

Myth #2: Business Must Shut Down During Renovations

Many types of renovations have traditionally required businesses to shut down for a period of time in order to complete. However, with the right contractor, your business can remain up and running while renovations are completed. In fact, this is a specialty of JLJ, where we work carefully around you and your employees so as not to disrupt your business operations.

Myth #3: DIY is a Money Saver

DIY’s can be a very attractive proposition, especially if you happen to have someone on staff who is handy. However, unless your renovations are minor, it’s much safer to select an experienced contractor. Electrical work and renovations including large fixtures and materials can be very dangerous and require specific expertise to do properly. Although an employee or a friend may offer to do the work cheaper, you could ultimately spend more money in the end by having to hire a contractor to correct the previously done renovations.

When you begin to consider renovations for your business’s facility, keep in mind that something sounding too good to be true probably is. Always be cautious when selecting your contractor and make sure they have considered every aspect with their proposal.

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