By its nature, construction remains to be one of the most dangerous occupations. You can find potential hazards in every corner of any job site, and possible accidents can arise from countless situations including:

  • Injury from falling objects
  • Injury from a fall off an elevated surface
  • Strain from carrying something too heavy
  • Injury from operating heavy machinery
  • Injury or illness from exposure to a dangerous substance

In honor of National Safety Month, JLJ & Associates wants to share how we stay on top of work-site safety to minimize dangers and keep employees and clients safe.

Team-Wide Safety Education

Whether they’re new to the team or have been a part of our company for decades, JLJ ensures employees undergo safety training on a regular basis. Not only does safety training protect the health and wellbeing of our employees on site, but it also ensures that our clients will receive careful, detailed work. Our trainings are OSHA-compliant, and we remain up to date in our training should protocols change or adapt.

Thorough Site Inspections

Although accidents can happen at any time, most are preventable with the right plans and strategies in place. Our employees analyze their site daily to identify any hazards and create a plan around the dangerous areas or materials. Doing so helps prevent accident or injury.

Everyone on site gets involved with work-zone inspections, identifying issues, and discussing their findings with each other to reduce any risk.

Proper Use of Safety Equipment

Just as they all participate in site inspections, our employees also wear protective gear and utilize safety equipment during each phase of construction.

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, are not one-size-fits-all options. Each piece is designed to protect workers in specific areas of construction. At JLJ, our employees utilize OSHA-regulated PPE and safety equipment in proper settings to reduce the likelihood of injury while working.

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Safety is a leading priority for our clients and ourselves. We focus on minimizing risk and identifying potential dangers at the job site to ensure construction is completed as safely and accurately as possible. To learn more about our dedication to safety procedures, contact us today.