minimize downtimeDowntime in our industry is something of a dirty word – it can be crippling to many businesses that experience it. At Jerry L. Johnson & Associates, one of the primary services we offer our clients is eliminating or significantly reducing the downtime they experience during renovation or construction. However, there are numerous steps companies can take to minimize their own downtime.

Upgrading Equipment as Necessary

No matter your industry, it can be easy to overlook necessary upgrades to equipment. A great example of this is with raised access floors, which we discussed in a past blog. Raised access floors generally have a lifespan of 25-30 years, depending on usage. However, many companies continue to use these floors for much longer, leading to significant damage, in turn leading to significant downtime. Upgrade your important equipment when it needs it to avoid this kind of extended downtime.

Conduct Maintenance Frequently

Many pieces of equipment can have their lifespans expanded by simply receiving proper maintenance. HVAC systems have many parts that make up the full system. If one part is damaged or needs replacing, it can eventually end up ruining the entire machine’s functionality. Timely maintenance can discover these types of flaws and have them fixed before any damage or downtime occurs.

Communicate Regularly with Your Employees

Communication is crucial in every industry and every business in existence. It’s the cornerstone for completing projects in a timely and efficient manner. However, it’s equally as important for avoiding downtime. Proper communication can help your business avoid injuries, damaged machines, incomplete projects, and yes, downtime. Encourage your employees and co-workers to speak up if they see any issues or have suggestions for improving your process.

By implementing these concepts into your company’s makeup and daily mindset, you can significantly reduce the chance of facing downtime. For major general contracting and construction-related issues, contact JLJ – we’re experts in cutting downtime!

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