There are many industries and situations where the air quality must be controlled and kept at or below a certain level. The allowed amount of air particles is defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Jerry L. Johnson & Associates has immense experience constructing buildings that need cleanrooms, specifically pharmaceutical or food processing buildings. Allow us to answer a few frequently asked questions about cleanrooms and how we can help:

1. What does the ISO say about cleanrooms?

According to ISO, a clean room is a “defined space within which the number concentration of airborne particles is controlled and classified, and which is constructed and operated in a manner to control the introduction, generation, and retention of contaminants inside the space.”

We prioritize following the ISO guidelines to ensure our clients receive the best possible result. Our team assesses the air, dust, and humidity levels within the space to control the number of contaminants in the room.

2. How is cleanliness in a cleanroom determined?

Cleanliness in a cleanroom is determined by the number of particles that travel through a cubic foot of air every minute. The measured particles are the size of a micron, 1 / 25,000 of an inch. These are tiny, very important particles to measure. If the number of particles in the cleanroom exceeds ISO requirements, our clients’ work could be compromised.

3. How do particles enter the cleanroom?

Particles that are invisible to the naked eye are shed from people’s skin and even as we exhale air. Many cleanrooms are managed by the use of air shower machines which is exactly what it sounds like: high-velocity gusts of air that removes the particles from the user before entering the cleanroom.

4. How do I choose the right contractor to build a cleanroom?

A cleanroom is unlike any other construction project. There must be a deep level of understanding and ineptitude for regulations attached to the build. When you’re interviewing contractors, consider these requirements:

  • Your contractor has experience building cleanrooms.
  • Your contractor provides transparent communication.
  • Your contractor offers scalability and the ability to customize the cleanroom.

Jerry L. Johnson & Associates follows the rules and specifications of building a cleanroom. Call us today with your questions: 770-961-7600