In last month’s article, we discussed the importance of outage prevention. Ensuring that your team can continue their work, even when the power grid goes down, is crucial to maintaining productivity and profitability. Even a couple of hours of lost time can mean thousands in irrecoverable losses to your business.

If you operate a data center, telecom hub, or specific industrial processes, your outage prevention suite should include a battery-based uninterruptable power supply. These systems provide completely seamless transitions from grid to backup power and more stable power than most generators. Additionally, their lack of an internal combustion engine means they require no fuel and emit no unpleasant exhaust.

The first step in choosing a UPS solution for your industrial site, data center, professional offices, retail location, or other commercial property is finding a reliable contractor. Your outage prevention contractor can help you find the right uninterruptible power supply to meet your facility’s needs and manage its installation to minimize downtime.

This month, we’ll look at some things to look for when you’re in the market for the best uninterruptible power supply contractor.

Pick a Contractor That Specializes in Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Many contractors can source, procure, and install uninterruptible power supplies. However, in most cases, the contractor’s UPS services are more of a convenience service they offer than being part of their core business. When you partner with one of these companies, you’ll soon recognize that this is not their area of expertise. You’ll either be on your own in making all of the decisions about your UPS, or you’ll be entrusting a costly decision to someone who may not know much more than you do.

Finding a contractor who has deep experience providing outage prevention systems for companies like yours is always a better bet. Not only will you be more confident that your new uninterruptible power supply system is correctly installed, you’ll have more confidence in the overall purchase.

A team that specializes in uninterruptible power supplies and other outage prevention hardware will be able to:

  • Look at your facility’s power usage
  • Work with you to determine your exact power needs
  • Help you look down the road at potential future needs
  • Recommend a system that will work for you now and grow with you in the future
  • Identify potential stumbling blocks and help you avoid them along the way
  • Help you build an overall outage management plan to ensure that your UPS, generators, and other equipment are being well maintained and properly used.

Pick a UPS Contractor With a Solid Network of Suppliers and Subcontractors

A contractor is only as effective as their network of suppliers and subcontractors. When your uninterruptible power supply contractor has exceptional relationships with equipment manufacturers and suppliers, as well as a deep bench of reliable subcontractors, your overall experience will be infinitely better:

  • Contractors who offer equipment from various suppliers will be better able to match your needs to the right solutions.
  • Good relationships with vendors mean your contractor will know how to obtain the best prices and fastest delivery for your new power supply solutions.
  • A strong subcontractor network means that your work will be done quickly and accurately by teams with the best qualifications.
  • The strength of your contractor’s subcontractor relationships can tell you a lot about the quality of their work, their dedication to their projects, and how they treat others.

Pick an Uninterruptible Power Supply Contractor That Is Responsive

Power outages can happen at any time and entirely without warning. If there’s a problem with your uninterruptible power supply, you need it fixed now before the next outage hits. When you partner with a quality UPS contractor that has a reputation for responsiveness, you can expect to get answers to your questions quickly.

When you’re in initial conversations with uninterruptible power supply contractors, pay attention to their responsiveness. Do they answer the phone right away? Do they respond quickly to texts, voicemails, and emails? If a company is unresponsive or slow to respond when you’re still in the shopping phase, how responsive do you think they’ll be once you’ve signed on the dotted line?

Pick an Uninterruptible Power Supply Contractor With a Good Safety Record

Installing and maintaining uninterruptible power supplies are detail-oriented tasks, and an unsafe contractor has plenty of opportunities to damage your facility, harm members of your team, and even put their own crew in jeopardy.

UPS systems are large, bulky, and heavy devices that have to be carefully maneuvered and mounted to ensure that they’re safe for your employees to work around. Even more importantly, the installation process involves dealing with high voltages and large electrical currents that can prove fatal if the installers let their guard down for even a second.

When choosing an uninterruptible power supply contractor, be sure to ask about each company’s safety record and safety practices. If a company can’t demonstrate a stellar safety record of keeping both its team and its clients’ teams out of harm’s way, you should consider finding a different one.

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