raised accessHere at Jerry L. Johnson & Associates, perhaps one of our primary specialties is raised access floor replacement. If you operate a data center or other similar facility, knowing the right time and team to complete your floor replacement is crucial for your business. Here are 4 benefits you and your company will enjoy when you choose JLJ to replace your raised access floor.

No One Has More Experience

The team at JLJ has over 30 years of experience replacing live access floors and we’ve completed projects all over the country. In a relatively young industry, no other company has performed as many replacements as we have, and we’ve continued to improve our technique to ensure our customers receive the best service available.

Our Method Allows Your Operations to Continue

From the beginning, we wanted to offer this crucial service in a way that allowed our customers to remain up and running. With our unique method, we can lift your live equipment, perform the necessary renovations, and set it back down. We perform this in such a way that we don’t disturb your work environment. This eliminates downtime so your business doesn’t lose money.

An Expert Replacement Helps Ensure a Long Lifespan

Raised access floors have a general lifespan between 20 and 30 years based on usage. Once your floor is approaching the 20-year mark, it’s time to begin looking into a replacement. JLJ uses the highest quality raised access floor materials and can set you up with a durable floor that lasts toward the upper limits of the typical lifespan.

Great Subcontractor Relationships

Particularly when we take on larger, multi-faceted projects, JLJ maintains exceptional relationships with preferred subcontractors. This can only benefit your project as we have partnered with many of our subcontractors for up to 35 years, meaning we know each other’s working styles and abilities inside and out.

Do you have a raised access floor that needs to be replaced? Call us today at 770-961-7600!