From interior renovations to complete builds, the construction site can be a dangerous place. Whether you’re an owner, contractor, or subcontractor, it’s important to maintain a safe worksite to minimize the chance of injury. At Jerry L. Johnson & Associates, our primary concern at every jobsite we’re a part of is the safety of each person who steps onto that site. Here are five crucial construction safety tips that often get overlooked.

Provide the Proper Training

Ensuring that all workers have the necessary training to operate the machinery and perform the tasks to complete the job is a key component of construction site safety. Equally as important is periodically checking and assessing workers to make sure they’re following the protocol learned in training.

Always Wear the Proper Protective Gear

While this may seem obvious, it’s very easy to grow complacent with tasks you or your employees have performed thousands of times. Remind them often and proactively check that everyone is wearing the proper protective gear at all times.

Perform Regular Inspections

Faulty tools and other equipment can put those using them in significant danger. Tools that don’t meet the strictest of safety standards should not be used. Testing and inspections should be performed at regular intervals to ensure that equipment is safe to use.

Maintain Good Housekeeping Practices

Cluttered workspaces and walkways may not seem like a big deal, but they increase the risk of workers tripping or falling. Instill the importance of good housekeeping into everyone on the construction site so that any spills, debris, or clutter is cleaned up quickly and efficiently.

Establish Emergency Medical Protocol

All workers should know where the construction site’s first aid kit is. The kit itself should be clearly visible and easy for all workers to access. It’s also important to have first-aid certified individuals present on the site if you’re not near a hospital or medical clinic.

Identifying and handling potential safety problems or hazards immediately will help you and your team maintain a safe construction site. Many issues can be avoided by simply being aware of your surroundings and ensuring no corners are cut during the performance of any tasks.

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