Commercial buildings are intended to accommodate employees, workplace operations, and many other aspects of the company. Business can suffer when a space is too small to allow the team to function properly.

A building addition can be a viable solution if you need more space at your facility. If you are on the fence about increasing your current building size, consider these facts:

1. Building Additions Expand Your Capabilities

When your commercial building does not provide you or your employees adequate space, it becomes challenging to maximize your capabilities or achieve necessary tasks. Perhaps you do not have enough space to house equipment or enough offices for staff members. By adding to your current building, you will positively impact your team and your operations.

Some common capability improvements that business owners see with building additions include:

Better Storage Systems

Without suitable storage space, offices are likely to experience production interruptions due to:

  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Missing equipment
  • Loss of inventory

Added storage means you can manage a better system, storing equipment, inventory, and other crucial items correctly.

Happier Employees

When employees have little room to work or are working in close proximity to one another, it can affect both performance and emotional well-being. Workers can become frustrated with inadequate spaces and struggle to accomplish essential tasks. However, added space can boost morale, improve working conditions, and inspire your team to achieve more.

2. Building Additions Cost Less Than Relocating

It is expensive to transition from one building to another. Not only does it cost to move out of one building and into another, but there are also productivity interruptions and profit losses to consider. A halt to your operation can have substantial effects for some time. Some clients may not want to wait for the move to be complete, leading them to pursue your competitors instead.

By adding to your current building, you can adjust your operations during construction to continue serving clients. Building additions allow production to continue, saving time and increasing money throughout the process.

3. Building Additions Add Visual Appeal and Enhance Reputation

Even when it comes to commercial buildings, visuals are important. With the right plan and the right construction company by your side, a building addition can blend into the current structure seamlessly, increasing the visual qualities of your building and the reputation of your business.

Not only can a sharp, updated appearance impress current or prospective clients, but it can also encourage those who work at the office every day to take pride in their workspace and maintain a solid commitment to production.

Could your business benefit from building additions? Talk to the construction experts at Jerry L. Johnson & Associates.

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