Parks & Recreation

JLJ General Contractors is experienced in park construction and renovation. Some of the facilities and structures we’ve completed include:

  • Softball and baseball fields
  • Dugouts
  • Restroom facilities
  • Fences
  • War memorials
  • State Park cabins

At JLJ General Contractors, we apply our expertise to all project sizes relating to park construction, from small buildings to large acreage recreation facilities. These types of projects bring some unique challenges with them, such as limited funding. Because these departments are government organizations, we realize that we are often working with smaller, less flexible budgets. Due to our lean construction approach, JLJ General Contractors is highly skilled at constructing and renovating high quality facilities within the set budget, no matter the size. Another unique obstacle faced during park construction is the weather, which can impact specific projects like ball fields and other outdoor facilities. However, regardless of weather or budget, JLJ is capable of completing the task efficiently and on time.

Recent Parks & Recreation Projects

Project: 20th Century Veterans Memorial

Located in downtown Smyrna, The Twentieth Century Veterans Memorial was constructed in 2000 to commemorate those who served in the United States Armed Forces. The Memorial is the designated site for the annual Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies in Smyrna. It features a 60-foot flagpole surrounded by six smaller flagpoles representing each military branch, a Garden Wall with a timeline of wars and battles, and a Memorial Grove inscribed with the names of Cobb County citizens who died in service.